Advanced Graphic Design Certification Course

Institute of Digital Musk offers Advanced Graphic Design Certification course. Graphic designing is also known as communication design that uses multiple components to convey a message visually.


Course Design

  • Learn and master the latest and advanced graphic designing software
  • Learn the principles of graphic designing and methodologies of visual communication
  • Get the know-how of to enhance and further your graphic designing career
  • Gain comprehensive and in-depth insight into the graphic designing industry

Course Duration:12 weeks

Course Description

A certified advanced level graphic designing candidate is one of the most sought after professionals in a variety of industries. A graphic designer is in high demand for online, offline, international, and local job markets. They are needed to create visuals for both print and electronic media to capture the eye and imagination of the audience.

A powerful image can convey a million things and attract people without a single word.

Join Institute of Digital Musk to get certified as an advanced graphic designer to study the movements that are shaping and influencing the designing world today. During the course, you

get the opportunity to work with professional designers, learn the skills on how to conceptualise projects, move away and reinvent the clichés, deconstruct complex designing information and ways to motivate and draw an audience.

The class projects assigned includes postage designs, poster and book designing, art poster, annual report layout and such designing. These you are required in your CV while applying for a job or an internship. You can use these assignments to showcase your designing skills and understanding during your interviews.

Who Can Apply

  • Have basic knowledge about graphic designing
  • Candidates who want to further their career in graphic designing
  • Wishes to be illustrators and develop graphic designing skills to draw the audience

Jobs You Can Apply

On completing the Advanced Graphic Design Certification from IDM, you will be equipped to apply to a variety jobs that include but not limited to:

  • Creative Graphic Designer
  • Creative Director
  • Creative Executive
  • Photoshop Artist
  • Logo Designer
  • UI Designer


  • Introduction to graphic design and software installation
  • Bi-fold brochure design
  • Advertising design
  • Branding and publishing materials
  • Vector tracing and concept design
  • Branding and freelancing marketplaces
  • Gig marketing
  • Photo retouching, digital typography, layer management
  • Wedding photo editing and masking
  • Advanced photo manipulation
  • Professional and visual UI UX design
  • Problem solving and final examination